The Rules of Investing: How to make money in small caps

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After a rough start to the year in 2017, smaller companies had a stellar run in the back half that once again shone light on the smaller end of the market. With nearly 20 years’ experience running a small cap mandate, Rob Frost from OC Funds has seen this kind of thing before. In our first podcast for the new season, Livewire Editor, Patrick Poke, sat down with Rob to learn about small cap investing. Is it better to pick the right themes, or the right stocks? What's more important, growth, or value? And which ASX small cap would he own if the market was going to close for five years? He answers all these questions, and explains why traveling makes you a better investor, in this week's podcast.

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Shabbir Ahmed

Thanks for a frank talk and good piece of advice. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Shabbir

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Ian Ashman

Thanks for the podcast. For those of use with hearing difficulties, any chance of a transcript?

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Thanks Patrick. Thanks Rob. Some wise words there. I particularly liked your observations around small cap versus micro cap analysis and emphasis on flexibility with regards to valuation method. There is no magic formula. Multiple approaches help reveal both sensitivity and sensibility of assumptions. Not sure about Bapcor at 25x, but maybe if the price comes down. Appreciate your perspective! Smart Cookie

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Patrick Poke

Hi Ian, thanks for the suggestion, we'll definitely look into that. We want to make the content accessible for everyone if we can.

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