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The allure of fast money and the ‘fear of missing out’ toy with investors on a daily basis. Right now valuations of companies exposed to themes like electric vehicles, medicinal marijuana and emerging infant formula markets could be described as ‘effervescent’.

Indeed, fads and trends have been always been a part of equity investing. Anton Tagliaferro from Investors Mutual tells us that over the 30 years he has been investing there have been countless fads, however, very few of them are enduring.

In the latest episode of Livewire’s exclusive CIO Profile series, Tagliaferro talks us through the investment principles that have proven to be essential tools in a career spanning three decades.

I suppose the one thing I’ve learnt over thirty years is to always buy today whatever you’ll feel comfortable holding if there is a big change of mood next week.

Topics discussed

  • Dealing with ‘noise’ in the markets today.
  • Over 30 years of change in markets what are some of the enduring themes.
  • How new market participants like algorithmic traders and quant funds are changing the way markets react to news on a day-to-day basis.
  • Common characteristics of Anton’s most successful investments.
  • ‘Perception vs Reality’ and what is happening with Telstra.
  • What to look for in fund managers.
  • How will the Myer / Premier Investments situation play out?

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Shaun Quinn

Some sound and interesting comments, particularly with respect to Telstra.

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Adam Easter

I always make time to listen to the master. Interesting view on TLS. These extended interviews are great listening.

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