Diversifying your bond allocation to reach global markets can potentially accelerate returns by adding a layer of currency risk. As evidenced in 2018 – Australian investors with exposure to global high grade bonds ($USD) would have achieved double digit returns on an unhedged basis, in a year of low to negative returns for most asset classes. Now available to Australian investors, the CC JCB Global Bond Fund (the Fund) gives you access to global markets to broaden your defensive allocation in a time of uncertainty.

The Fund provides an active way to gain country diversification and earn stable bond income through highly rated government issuers represented in the G7. The Fund is offered with the option to switch between $AUD hedged (to $USD), and $AUD unhedged, at no additional cost.  A global high grade bond allocation can complement domestic share market exposures by improving risk-adjusted returns in periods of heightened volatility. Read more here