Chad Slater, joint Chief Investment Officer at Morphic Asset Management, says there are three clear indicators that suggest the 'Bull Market, which has been in flight since 2009, is now coming to an end. Firstly, we are now seeing a big divergence in the performance of individual stocks with only a few companies continuing to rise against a backdrop of generally weak and falling share prices. Secondly, companies tend to be pro cyclical when it comes to doing M&A. I.E. Most M&A activity tends to happen at the top of the cycle and 2015 was a bumper year for M&A. Finally, The Fed has started hiking rates which historically has been a catalyst for markets to start rolling over. Slater says, "it's quite easy to say it is all over... What we can define more easily is that we are near the end of a bull market." Watch the short video for further explanation on each of these indicators.