Time to think differently, time to buy gold? - (VIEW LINK)

Chris Weston

sure, saw the cross the other week. Hard to back test what it traditionally means for gold as this is the 2nd DC on the weekly chart since 1997

Chris Weston

I think gold stocks have also run its course and would be taking profits. Tough to get aggressive and short though

Canaccord Colts

My call regards gold stocks rather than gold metal. Gold stocks could see a big pullback, but I'd expect gold metal to trade down slightly this year. The death cross on the weekly chart is a killer: http://i.imgur.com/XjWZkZ7.png. Note that The big move in gold stocks we've seen in the last seven weeks has seen a flat gold price as a backdrop. All the more reason to be wary of the stocks.

James Marlay

Well this should give rise to an interesting discussion given Alex's post from last night suggesting gold has now run too far.