Top 10 reasons why you should take profit on non-core outperformers... 1 - US Fed risk to the market with FOMC minutes and Jackson Hole conference 2 - Reporting season has beaten the Valley of death expectations 3 - Market valuations are once again stretched similar to end of July 4 - Volatility measures have come back substantially over the recent weeks 5 - House price appreciation not having any effect on consumer spending 6 - We have recovered all the losses from early August sell off 7 - Investors waiting for correction and/or upgrades 8 - Domestic risk remains with budget issues, regulatory changes, unemployment woes, rising costs and low growth 9 - Global risk remains with geo-political (i.e. Ukraine, Iraq and Gaza), growth (i.e. China, Japan and Euro) and health (i.e. Ebola) 10 - We remain positive long term with short term profit taking recommended...maintain core portfolio, reduce non-core portfolio