Ben McGarry’s formative years as an investor were spent on the ‘sell side’ pitching ideas to local fund managers. It was during this time that he met Phil Mathews, a hedge fund guru who introduced him to a style of investing that aimed to perform through all market conditions.

McGarry has built a reputation from calling out several high-profile corporate failures and the Totus Alpha Fund has returned 18.3% per annum since inception in 2012. While ‘shorts’ make for great headlines it can also draw attention away from the long portfolio, which is curated with a small selection of stocks that have cleared some very high hurdles.

In this interview, McGarry talks in depth about backing his best ideas, reveals the one Aussie stock that US fund managers are all talking about and he also ranks the WAAAX stocks in order from highest to lowest quality.

Key topics

  • An update on his short thesis on Tesla after the recent ‘short squeeze’ and how he manages short positions in the portfolio.
  • Finding an investment style that can perform regardless of what is going on in the market.
  • Concentrated long investing and the Aussie midcap that ticks all the boxes
  • Why can’t markets continue to rally?
  • Cash Earners vs Cash Burners
  • Ranking the WAAAX stocks from highest to lowest quality

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Michael Andrewartha

OBJ should be OCJ

Michael Andrewartha

I got carried away with the B and forgot the J.......damn. However, the podcast was a fascinating insight of topics of the day.


Absolutely great James - you seem to be getting more comfortable in these interviews each time, and they're enjoyable and interesting viewing.

Will Weeks

Objective Corporation Ltd (ASX:OCL)

James Marlay

Thanks everyone for picking up the typo in the ticker, should be OCL...

James Marlay

Hi Kim, appreciate the kind words and glad you're enjoying the interviews. Hopefully we can continue to improve and bring our members insights from some passionate investors willing to share their views. Have a great week. James

Al Stuart

Nice work, James. Thanks from the deep South, NZ.

Neil Lake

Good morning James , Thanks for presenting the interview with Ben McGarry on Livewire. An interesting and informative approach by Totus and nice to see a structured perspective to the "long and the short" of the bourse. Neil Lake

James Marlay

Al, thanks for your note and love having a few of our Kiwi mates tuning in. Neil, I think Ben did a good job explaining the process / thinking about both the long and short investments. It's one of those topics that can often get a bit abstract. Thanks for your comment and for watching the interview.