Research firm, Gartner, estimates that AI will power 85% of customer service interactions. In order to achieve this, massive investments will need to be made in two key areas; data, and computing power. In this video, Nick Griffin, Head of Investment at Munro Partners, explains the importance, and some of the options for taking advantage of this megatrend.

“They match your Facebook data with your credit data, they can identify the post code you live in and know significantly more about you.”



Key points:

  • Artificial intelligence is a megatrend centred around the idea of getting information out that you didn’t ask for
  • For AI to work, first they need to know everything about you – the data
  • In order to process and deliver the information, they need significant processing power
  • Google and Facebook’s CapEx could go up by 55-60% to pay for the hyper scale processing power that’s required
  • The companies that own the most data are credit bureaus – they’ve been collecting it for 30-years
  • Equifax, Experian, and Transunion are the largest credit bureaus
  • Companies like S&P Global, REA Group, CarSales, and Autotrader have valuable datasets that they haven’t yet monetised.

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Adam Easter

You make some great points there Nick, and I really like the way you are using your thesis for the advantage of your investors.

Nick Griffin

Cheers Adam ... appreciate the feedback. Nick.

Hunter Page

Hi Nick - what about Qantas rewards?