Adam Easter

A great interview thanks gents. I loved Vimil's ability to break down complex matters into a simple paragraph for my blockhead to understand.

James Marlay

Thanks Adam, he definitely helps to focus your attention on the few big picture issues that matter. Cheers, James

Adarsh Gowda

Excellent quality content and perspective from Vimal. We need more of these big picture discussions especially given the macro environment is what is mostly that will shape the next 12 months. Great work James!

Chi Kiet Chau

Great interview and insight how to think about the defensive part of the portfolio in the current environment.

James Marlay

Hi Ardash and Chi Kiet, thanks for the feedback and glad you got some useful information from the interview.

Ivaylo Vasilev

Great interview and very important comments from Vimal! Appreciate his experience and "macro level" ideas.

Matthew Clements

finally got to watch this and glad I did. Compulsory viewing. Thanks James and Vimal for these insights.

James Marlay

Thanks for the feedback Matthew, glad you enjoyed the session.