Jordan Eliseo

Want to save circa $200k? In your 30's and earn at or above the average wage? Well, you are going to put $400k minimum into Superannuation over your working life, and if you have a spouse call it a million even if he/she is in the same income bracket You'll get no personalised service or portfolio, but a retail fund will take over $300k in fees from you and your spouse. You could run a SMSF for $1000 per annum for audit/admin, and investment costs within the SMSF for a 'balanced' fund of say 25% cash, 25% equities, 25% fixed income and 25% gold for 0.15% per annum max Total fees for SMSF across 30 year period equal sub $70,000 Total saving well over $200k, and you've got no choice but to put 9-12% in anyhow. Below article in the SMH has more info on the fees (VIEW LINK)


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