What does the Baltic Dry Index reaching all-time lows mean for stocks? We all know world economies are slowing down resulting in interest rates at their lowest levels in history. What I am looking for is any leading indicators that may help identify the trends of the future. When I trawl through mounds of economic data and stock prices I am looking triggers that can get us ahead of the curve. Unfortunately when I compare the BalticDryIndex with Australia's 3 major Iron Ore players all I can clearly see is an extremely strong correlation as opposed to any leading indicator. However, one point I have been reiterating at length recently is strong trends usually go much further than expected, the below should be considered very seriously: -The Baltic Dry Index making 30 year lows can go much lower. -Iron Ore has fallen by over 50% in the last year, BUT it was 75% lower only 12 years ago when the Baltic Dry Index was above current levels! -I am technically bearish both BHP and Copper on a long term basis. See full report (VIEW LINK)