Livewire Exclusive

What WCL's negotiations will tell you about gas prices. LNG projects in PNG and Gladstone are progressing on time and within budgets. The PNG project is 90% complete and the Gladstone project is over 65% complete. With LNG exports coming on line gas prices are expected to increase from 2015. One way to play this thematic is through companies that have uncontracted gas reserves that can be tied to the East Coast market. Westside Corporation (WCL) has existing sales contracts that roll off in 2015 and The Company is as actively seeking new agreements. The outcome will provide visibility on Westside's future earnings as well as giving insight into gas prices at a time when demand is set to increase. Livewire spoke with Morgan's analyst Krista Walter about the prospects for Westside, watch the full interview &feature=share&list=TLBNHpAyXUqmKBByGo1-EGcZSFQCMfKvBa


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