Cloud computing is a global megatrend that is being led by technology giants Microsoft, Amazon and Google in a market that is growing at 30% per annum. But what does this mean for Australian companies?

Gary Rollo, Portfolio Manager at Montgomery Investment Management, joins the EL&C Baillieu podcast to explain cloud computing and the investment opportunities it presents. The discussion includes what the cloud is and why companies are migrating to it; the size of the addressable market and the potential duration of this megatrend; and how the cloud lowers barriers to entry for small companies and what this means for innovation. 

Gary also identifies his key stock picks in the sector and explains why he likes them:

  • NextDC (NXT) – the data center operator providing cloud infrastructure;
  • Megaport (MP1) – connectivity services to businesses using the cloud; and
  • Bigtincan (BTH) – sales enablement software utilising cloud technology.

Tune in to hear Gary discuss how the cloud is a significant enabler of growth for Australian small companies. Listen to the podcast below or download from your favourite podcast platform.

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