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Wilsons' analyst Matt Haupt says they are on the hunt for companies with a catalyst for re rating in 2014. After a year of stellar growth Haupt is expecting 2014 to deliver between 5 and 10 per cent returns (including dividends). When it comes to specific stocks Wilsons' are maintaining a focus on quality. One of they key attributes the team needs in a stock is the ability for the price to re rate. FKP Property is a company the fund manager has recently added to the portfolio that has catalysts for a re rating. FKP is in the process of divesting over $700 million in property assets that have been deemed non core to their strategy. As these assets divest the Company will be able to remove its debt allowing management to look at special dividends or capital returns to shareholders. Exclusive here &list=TLxlgduBWRHcO2AVA8n99HS8HECM0P1xRj


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