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Aitken: Where technology and population collide

Livewire Exclusive

10 years ago, the Apple iPhone was released. Through the power of technology and population, this pocket-sized supercomputer changed the world as we know it. “You could argue that the combination of the iPhone and Facebook gave us Donald Trump,” Charlie Aitken, CIO of Aitken Investment Management, told a packed... Show More

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Asian Equities series: Part 1: Finding value in unexpected places

Peter Wilmshurst

Asia is offering compelling investment opportunities, though not necessarily in the places one might expect. Fundamental conditions within the region have improved significantly and valuations remain undemanding, particularly relative to the later-cycle US market. Show More

Autohome – a listed Chinese online car portal more than twice the size of

PM Capital

Kevin Bertoli, Portfolio Manager of the PM Capital Asian Companies Fund and the PM Capital Asian Opportunities Fund (ASX:PAF), talks about Autohome, a Chinese online car portal two and a half times bigger than He talks about why the market has marked it down over the past 18 months,... Show More

Fundamentals will always ‘trump’ fear – Paul Moore

PM Capital

The reaction of the markets was instructive on the day of the election results. Once the outcome was known, Asian and European markets placed their bets and markets sold off. By the end of the following day’s US trading, they were proved to be 100% incorrect. So even with a... Show More

Global Shares – China woes create Asian buying opportunity

Schroders Australia

Despite recent market events, not that much has actually changed in China. It’s more a case of the “chickens coming home to roost” as policy mistakes and major policy contradictions come to a head. Overall we will use further falls in Asian equities as an opportunity to invest in good... Show More

Global Shares – Outlook 2016: Asia ex Japan Equities

Schroders Australia

Asia continues to offer significant structural advantages in terms of growth potential over the longer term, but there are short-term headwinds that need to be factored into investment decision making. Asian companies are faced with three key global trends which will impact the landscape: demographics, deflation and disruption. Our preferred... Show More