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10 years ago, the Apple iPhone was released. Through the power of technology and population, this pocket-sized supercomputer changed the world as we know it. “You could argue that the combination of the iPhone and Facebook gave us Donald Trump,” Charlie Aitken, CIO of Aitken Investment Management, told a packed ASX Auditorium at Livewire Live.

But in addition to giving us a US President, it’s also made Apple the world’s largest company and produced a ’10-bagger’ for investors. Aitken believes that the most important factor for structural growth stocks is the size of the addressable market, and the biggest addressable market in the world right now is Asia.

“This is the classic example of where technology and population growth collide.”

Watch his full keynote presentation from Livewire Live below.

Key points:

  • We’re undergoing a period of rapid change. Investors’ portfolios should reflect the future, not the past
  • Investing in domestic equities only is limiting. Aitken believes the best approach is Aussie equities for income, global equities for growth
  • Australian equities account for less than 3% of global markets
  • The first thing to look at when assessing a structural growth stock is the size of the addressable market
  • The rise of the Asian consumer will drive demand for financial services, clean energy, luxury goods, healthcare, tourism, and more
  • Over the next decade, Tencent should become the most valuable company in the world
  • Aitken shares one stock that he believes is set to benefit from these trends.

Fund Presentation Now Available

Aitken Investment Management is a Global High Conviction Fund led by Charlie Aitken. Click here to access an online presentation by Charlie providing an overview of the fund.

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