balance sheet

Glennon Capital

While the profit and loss statement is doubtless very important for investors, the balance sheet should not be underestimated; it may even be more important. Below we run through the top points to consider when coming face-to-face with a balance sheet. Show More

Livewire Exclusive

Some stock pickers are diversifying into riskier areas such as emerging markets and deep value situations to boost returns. There is definite upside, but also significant risks. Fidelity’s Alex Duffy told Livewire that a risky balance sheet can trigger major write-downs of shareholder wealth “from which there is no comeback.”... Show More

Marcus Tuck

When looking for relatively low-risk equity investments, companies with strong balance sheets are a good place to start the search. If they happen to be effectively debt-free with a net cash position, then even better. With no financial pressure on companies to service loans during business downturns, the risk of... Show More