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Peters MacGregor Capital Management

In the second episode of Peters MacGregor Global Investing Podcast, join Wayne Peters, Chief Investment Officer, and Alex Haynes, Head of Distribution, as they turn their attention to Chinese technology giants Baidu, Tencent and to discuss the markets they operate in and how these businesses stack up against US... Show More

Jordan Eliseo

Pessimism towards the precious metal market intensified this week, as neither the ongoing drama in Greece nor the market crash in China could put a bid under bullion. It's inability to rally in such a 'risk off' Show More

Saxo Capital Markets Australia

The Asian credit market has arrived with record $6.5bn CoCo bond: Kay Van-Petersen, Saxo Capital Markets Asia Macro Strategist - The Chinese bond market has already seen 60% growth of issuances, year on year since 2013, and this shows no sign of stopping according to Saxo Capital Markets Asia Macro Strategist... Show More