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What Scott Morrison can learn from big data

Michael Hui

We were intrigued by Scott Morrison’s comments earlier in the month that more utes on Australian streets is an indicator of better economic growth, “Every time an Australian sees a ute driving around a suburb of one of our metro areas or regional towns with a phone number on the... Show More

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Amazon Innovation, Soros Joins Crypto Rollercoaster, Property Prices Fall

Kent Kwan

Check out our key takeaways from Amazon’s Innovation Day, plus catch up on other notable things that happened around the world this week, and what it all means for you and your investments. Show More

You can run, but you can’t hide

Magellan Asset Management

Strava is an app that styles itself as “the social network for those that strive”. Runners, cyclists and others use the app to track, share and compare their exertions and even determine a ‘Suffer Score’. Show More

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Investing in an AI future

Crestone Wealth Management

We recently invited a group of Australia’s leading venture capital (VC) investors to provide their views on various technology themes and how they are likely to impact the world in which we live. Our panel included Daniel Petre AO, Co-Founder and Partner from AirTree Ventures, Niki Scevak, Managing Director and... Show More

What is Thematic Investing and Should You Care?

Jade Ong

You can be a savvy investor without living and breathing the stock market thanks to a brilliant concept called thematic investing. This might sound overly simplistic but all it takes is an understanding of the world around you – how it’s changing, where it’s going and who is leading the... Show More

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Leaders and Laggards in a data-driven world

Alex Cowie

McKinsey recently revisited their 2011 research on the potential of data and analytics to reshape entire industries. They argue that the opportunity has grown significantly since then, and that adoption has been very uneven. The gap between the leaders and the laggards is wider than ever as a result. As... Show More

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Pureprofile (PPL.ASX) - Slow start post IPO - an opportunity?

Wentworth Securities

Pureprofile (PPL.ASX) has drifted below its issue price ($0.50) post listing in late July. At today's price ($0.48), PPL is trading with a market cap of roughly 1 times its proforma 2016 revenue (A$28m). With a robust existing "big data" business and a material deal with Newscorp, that has gone... Show More

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Pureprofile underwritten IPO on ASX BookBuild (PPLXBB)


Pureprofile is an innovative online company allowing consumers to earn rewards for sharing insights into their interests and tastes. Pureprofile enables consumers to create and manage their online Profiles. PPL then enriches these Profiles using proprietary big data technology and monetises these Profiles with global brands, publishers and advertisers. The... Show More

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It's well worth watching this video where Montgomery Analyst Ben MacNevin talks about big data and the positive impact it's having on companies such as...

Tom McKay

It's well worth watching this video where Montgomery Analyst Ben MacNevin talks about big data and the positive impact it's having on companies such as Woolworths (WOW) and Wesfarmers (WES). Big data allows them to better understand their clients spending patterns and risk profiles so that they can tailor their... Show More

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