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This Bloomberg article focuses on the growing interest in Australian companies from offshore acquirers. There was $76.1 billion of cross-border M+A last year, with health care, education and tech in focus, while Industrials and utilities are now in the cross-hairs. Goldmans is now reportedly seeking to double its principal investments:... Show More


This is the question most prospective investors of our managed funds and anyone interested in small cap investing ask us. Identifying investment ideas, whether it is ASX listed companies or global companies can come about many ways. It could be we stumble upon them by trawling through all the companies... Show More

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Global growth prospects for commodities poor, all except natural gas. Commodity prices remain under pressure across all sectors as the dollar continues to rise while rising supplies of many key commodities from energy through metals to food is not being met by an equal rise in demand, according to Saxo Bank... Show More

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Mixed start for commodities: natural gas, palladium and soybeans. Bloomberg's index of major commodities is flat amid a mixed start to the week for commodities, as gains in energy, industrial metals and softs have been offset by losses in grains and precious metals. According to Ole Hansen, Saxo Bank Head of... Show More