Bloomberg has released its “2015: The year in Money” report. The 10 highlights were 1) Apple hit a record $775B market cap. 2) Netflix was the best performer in the S&P500 (Up 143%) 3) Sales of investment grade corporate bonds are at an all time high. 4) The junk bond market posted its first losses since 2008. 5) M&A deals topped $4 Trillion (a very similar number to 2008). 6) There were more mega mergers ($10B+) than ever before. 7) The value of US IPO’s was the lowest since 2009. 8) Venture captital investments jumped 39% - to an all time high. 9) More job cuts were made than in any year since 2009. 10) Hedge Funds are up less than 1% this year. (VIEW LINK)