corporate bonds

The big risk to corporate bonds

Nicholas Forsyth

Every Monday, the team at Market Matters answers a number of questions from our subscribers. Today’s question is… “In today's Morning Report you talk about the danger in the bond market. I have a portfolio of commercial bonds from FIIG which is returning me about 7% pa. These are mainly... Show More

Fixed income in the lower for longer world

Richard Murphy

It's becoming increasingly apparent that central banks the world over are expecting low interest rates to prevail for many years to come. Right across the globe, low interest rates are the new norm. The crucial point is this: the current global and financial environment is unprecedented. So, what are the... Show More

Brexit – keep calm and carry on in A$ corporate bonds

Damien Wood

Brexit means uncertainty. Uncertainty on its impact on the UK economy and uncertainty on whether it sets a precedent for others in the EU. And investment markets do not respond well to spikes in uncertainty. But what does it mean for Australian corporate credit risk? Next to nothing. Earnings and... Show More

Rising defaults – should bond investors worry?

Damien Wood

The Australian credit cycle may be taking a turn for the worse. Local banks have recently reported rising bad debt problems. But before corporate bond investors rush to dump their bond funds, we advise to pause and put things in perspective. Bad debts are currently near zero percentages in Australia.... Show More