PM Capital

PM Capital income securities portfolio manager Jarod Dawson believes the value of 10-year US government bonds could fall more than 20% because the US economy is doing a lot better than most people think. While a strong US economy is good news for most, the accompanying hikes in US interest... Show More

Bell Potter

In recognition of growing demand for investments satisfying Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) mandates, the past week has seen ANZ Bank launch its first Green Bond. This bond issue forms part of ANZ’s commitment to support the transition to a lower carbon economy. Show More

Chris Watling

German, US and other Western bond yields have spiked sharply in recent trading sessions. The German 10 year bund having threatened to turn negative just 3 weeks ago, has backed up sharply to approx 67bps from its closing low of 8bps (on 20th April). US 10 year treasury yields, having... Show More