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A swathe of microcaps put in some truly remarkable gains last year. The share prices of Bubs, Jervois, and MyFiziq increased 12, 16, and 30 times respectively, and there were scores more that tripled or quadrupled. Yet many of these stocks have business models at very early, or even conceptual,... Show More

A great deal of inefficiency exists at the small end of the market. And where there is inefficiency, there is opportunity. The trick is in knowing how to identify the genuine opportunities, while avoiding the risks. If you are able to do that, there is a great deal of alpha... Show More

Markets can be prone to overconfidence at times, and when these ‘certainties’ don’t come to pass the results catch investors off guard. In 2011, markets had priced in never ending growth in Chinese demand for Australian commodities. By the time 2015 rolled around, those investors who had bought into this... Show More

Stocks in the automotive retailing and fleet management space have enjoyed a very strong re-rating this year, A.P. Eagers (ASX:APE) , SG Fleet (ASX:SGF) and Eclipx Group (ASX:ECX) are good examples. Money has rotated into these stocks as they have strong valuation support and are delivering sustainable earnings growth. Finding... Show More

Goldman Sachs says a combination of yield + growth has significantly outperformed a pure high yield strategy in the past 15 years. Livewire asked 4 contributors “What’s one stock in your universe that best fits the bill of yield + growth and why will it continue to flourish?” Show More

Australia's ability to attract investment capital for energy projects is frustrated, Nathan Lim, Australian Ethical. Repealing the carbon tax is just another reason to justify the avoidance of the conventional and renewable energy sector in Australia. With overseas jurisdictions like California, China, Germany and Japan offering greater regulatory certainty, Australia's... Show More