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Scott Haslem started his career in 1991 as an economist working alongside the likes of Glenn Stevens and Bernie Fraser at the RBA. Today he is the Chief Investment Officer of Crestone Wealth Management, a firm that oversees ~$16 billion of assets on behalf of wealthy individuals and not for... Show More

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Livewire Exclusive

Julian Babarczy, Portfolio Manager at Regal Funds Management, bought his first stock at age 19 and has been passionate about investing ever since. He joined the team at Regal Funds Management in 2004 and has now been working there for well over a decade. Julian has developed an interest in... Show More

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Alex Cowie

It is hard to earn a ‘like’ from a Livewire reader: even with an audience close to 100,000, the most ’liked’ wire of 2017 had just 93 likes. So we follow this valuable signal closely to see what’s really hitting the mark! Of the almost 3,000 wires posted this year,... Show More