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Why sheds and beds are hot property

Corrine Ng

Believe it or not, sheds and beds are the two places top commercial property investors would put their next dollar. Or, if recent transactions are any guide, their next billion dollars. Show More

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Conventional wisdom is wrong. Rate rises are good for property trusts

Mark  Mazzarella

April was a month of streaks. The Prime Minister’s 30th straight loss in the polls dominated headlines, the Reserve Bank’s 89th consecutive month without a rate increase less so. But we’re now into the beginning of May and the RBA’s streak without a change in policy rate has stretched to... Show More

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Size matters – Sydney’s office market shrinks while Melbourne booms

Michael  Doble

In the last decade, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have become home to an additional 3 million people*. The rate of growth is unlikely to abate, either. Infrastructure Australia estimates population growth of 11.8 million people over the next three decades, much of it focused on Sydney and Melbourne, the... Show More

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Westfield shareholders have little to fear and much to gain

Michael  Doble

In December last year, Unibail-Rodamco (a major European listed property trust) made an offer to purchase Westfield Corporation. The offer to Westfield shareholders is based on a combination of cash and Unibail shares and Australian investors will be able to invest in the merged entity in the form of units... Show More

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Are you getting a fair price for your Westfield shares?

Michael  Doble

Westfield investors have a big decision to make. Should they approve or reject one of the biggest corporate transactions the Australian Real Estate Investment Trust (AREIT) market has ever seen? Show More

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This is what the new face of retailing looks like

Matthew  Coleman

‘Experiential retailing’ means different things to different people. Traditional retailers view it as the solution to the online threat. Shoppers see it as improving the face of shopping centres, offsetting the decline of department stores with innovative new speciality outlets and entertainment options. As for commercial property investors, well, we’ll... Show More

Stocks are up, AREITs not so much. Why?

Michael  Doble

It’s a head scratcher alright. Over the past six months the ASX All Ordinaries index is up 9.37% while the ASX 200 index is up 8.56%. Despite recent negative headlines stocks are still higher than they were last August. Show More

One retail investment exceeding expectations

Mark  Mazzarella

In 1957, Australia’s first shopping centre opened at Chermside in Brisbane. Featuring 24 speciality stores and a department store, a local newspaper described it as “an island of retailing in a sea of car parking"1. Now home to over 400 retailers with a footprint the size of 21 soccer pitches,... Show More

How sweet home bias can turn sour

Corrine Ng

When Australians travel we like to explore the unfamiliar. We’re quick to purchase the latest gadgets and we crave international brands. In the corporate world, many professionals consider themselves global citizens, travelling abroad for work and play. Show More

Four reasons why Unibail may be a better investment than Westfield

Michael  Doble

Westfield shareholders have a big question to answer. In December 2017, Unibail-Rodamco (UL:NA UL:FP), a major European listed property trust, made an offer to purchase Westfield Corporation (ASX:WFD), based on a combination of cash and Unibail shares. Show More

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What the rise of co-working means for commercial property

Colonial First State Global Asset Management

Over the past decade, the use of space in office buildings took a collaborative turn, with activity-based working helping corporates decrease their space requirements by up to 20%. Now, co-working is the latest and rapidly growing workplace trend that will change the way we work – and invest. Head of... Show More

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Livewire Summer School - An essential guide for commercial property investing

APN Property Group

Take a quick look out of the window. If you live in the country and all you can see are fields and trees, well, lucky you. But if, like most Australians, you live in a city, you’re probably gazing at rooftops and maybe a few apartment blocks. Show More

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Why the new ethical investing is blossoming

Corrine Ng

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investing is already big business. Bank of America claims it has doubled in the past few decades1 and the US$1.3tn Government Pension Investment Fund of Japan intends to more than triple its portfolio allocation to ESG investments from... Show More

Lessons from the crash: property trusts 10 years on

Matthew  Coleman

‘Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it’. So said Spanish-American philosopher George Santayana. Show More

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What the Westfield sale means for investors

Michael  Doble

On Tuesday, Unibail-Rodamco (AEX:ULA) announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares in Westfield Corporation (ASX:WFD). This is Australia’s biggest ever acquisition, worth $32bn, and has naturally received widespread commentary. Show More

Keppel DC REIT: When the data adds up the income flows

Patrick O'Reilly

When Keppel DC REIT (AJBU.SI) listed on 12 December 2014, it appeared different, at least when compared to a typical property trust. The company’s share price has increased almost 50% since listing, and while such a price rise might have some people questioning how expensive it is, there are plenty... Show More

The next big thing for property trusts

Patrick O'Reilly

Technology has disrupted many industries but commercial property isn’t one of them. Buildings are still buildings, and the predictability of the rents is the source of the stable, reliable returns property trust investors demand. Disruption is, however, creating an opportunity with all the attractions of traditional commercial property plus richer... Show More

Sydney & Melbourne: world capitals of real estate

Intelligent Investor

Australian commercial property is now amongst the most sought after in the world Show More

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