If Buffett is Right – its time to shut Livewire Down!

Jordan Eliseo

Long dubbed ‘Woodstock for Capitalists’, or the Stockmarket Superbowl as we prefer, the recently held Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting offered plenty of insights for investors big and small. Show More

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Five Ways to Avoid the ‘Value Trap’

Robert Miller

Investors with a predisposition to high conviction value investing often need value to be combined with an element of growth. Let’s call it ‘growth-value’. Our approach is not to look for ‘cigar butts’ but we do seek turnaround or under-researched ideas where the profits and growth are likely to continue. Show More

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Child Care: the mosaic of price, policy and margins

Glennon Capital

A young family has many points of financial stress to contend with at the moment. The record prices of property in Australia’s major cities make buying a property a difficult exercise. Rents have also continued to rise. Meanwhile a second issue is also consistently present for those with young children:... Show More