When it re-listed in July 2014 Healthscope was the largest IPO to hit the ASX in four years. Having spent time held by private equity, the $3.6 billion float was priced on a 22x PE. It's been a bumpy ride, but opinions on the outlook are divided ahead of today's... Show More

TPG and The Carlyle Group have sold A$810m, or 53% of their A$1.8bn stake in HSO (will retain a 17.8% holding). Our Investment view is the company has a solid track record of strong earnings growth of 13% over the last 4 years, along with stable, high CF generation and... Show More

Yet another article on lack of investor access! If Healthscope had used ASX Bookbuild, it may have read: Retail praises Healthscope for fair access.. Opening up a portion of the book to the entire market of brokers - retail, online, all others - is now possible. ASX Bookbuild gives every eligible... Show More