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Why high yield bonds is one asset class to consider for the next correction

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High yield bonds can offer a similar return profile to equities, but with 40% less risk. In this short video, Vivek Bommi, Senior Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman explains how, and recalls the performance of this asset class through three major market corrections of the last 20 years. Show More

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The downturn in high yield will be big, long and ugly

Jonathan Rochford

The US high yield market has grown larger and riskier since the financial crisis. Issuers of debt have the whip hand as buyers compete to gain an allocation in the face of surging demand from CLOs and retail funds. Companies are emboldened to seek ever weaker covenants and are taking... Show More

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High yield bond issue another way to go shopping with Afterpay

Elizabeth Moran

The high yield bond market continues to grow ahead of the FIIG High Yield conference on 17th May, with a new bond from Afterpay and news that Virgin Australia is preparing to issue in AUD Show More

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Discovering high yield in the bond market

FIIG Securities

For exclusive insights on how to access the high yield bond market, come and hear directly from 20 industry leaders at FIIG’s High Yield Conference on Thursday 17th May at The Hilton, Sydney. Presenters including Bernard Salt, Stephen Koukoulas, and John O’Mahony will conduct a variety of sessions that will... Show More

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Is the yield trade really over?

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Over the past 12-months, the 3-year Australian Government Bond has risen just 21 basis points from ~1.8% a year ago, to 2.01% now. For an average retiree with an account balance of $200,000, this equates to an additional $420 of income per year. Show More

3 requirements for markets to climb the ‘wall of worry’

Eley Griffiths Group

Equity investors have endured myriad challenges since the US stockmarket whipsaws began in August 2015. These volatile windows lined up with the US interest rate cuts and a respite in the US Dollar advance. The base case for Australian equities remains sound. An ERP of ~ 6.1% makes equities a... Show More

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5 records broken in shocking year for bonds

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A number of records were broken in 2015 in corporate bond markets, but not records investors would be happy about. 1) About 9 percent of the high-yield market now boasts yields above 20 percent—the highest amount since the financial crisis. 2) Junk bonds recorded their worst annual returns in a... Show More

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Third Avenue Blocks Redemptions From Credit Fund Amid Losses

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As signs of stress mount in credit markets, a $788 million mutual fund is blocking clients from pulling their money so its holdings can be liquidated in an orderly fashion. Martin Whitman’s Third Avenue Management put some of the assets in the Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund in a liquidating... Show More

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The market is missing the signal from the junk bond market

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“The junk-bond default rate rose to 2.6% from 2.1% this year and will likely jump to 4.6% in 2016, breaching the 30-year average of 3.8% for the first time since 2009, said New York University Finance Professor Edward Altman, inventor of the most commonly used default-prediction formula, who has been... Show More

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The case for a global equity bear market

Chris Watling

Our central case is that Global equities have rolled over into a cyclical bear market (as of mid-2015). There are a number of reasons driving that view (for more pls see http://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2015-12-01/making-the-argument-for-a-global-bear-market to attached video). One reason in particular though is the continued signal from our ‘Bear Market’ forecasting model... Show More

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Carl Icahn: I’m more hedged than I’ve been in years

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In a new video entitled “Danger Ahead” that was released overnight the billionaire investor Carl Icahn says that stocks could fall a lot more from here as a result of distortions caused by low interest rates. As a result he’s now more hedged than he’s been in years. Icahn outlines... Show More

Carl Icahn blames BlackRock for liquidity issues

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“BlackRock is an extremely dangerous company,” said Icahn when he went toe to toe with BlackRock’s Laurence Fink at CNBC’s Delivering Alpha conference in New York. Show More

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High Yield bonds have outperformed Aussie shares over the past 25 years with lower volatility

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High Yield bonds have outperformed Aussie shares over the past 25 years with lower volatility. Warren Bird from Cuffelinks says the high yield market usually overpays for risks and delivers very competitive return outcomes when compared to shares and investment grade bonds. Over the long run of 25 years, high... Show More

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