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Clime Asset Management

It’s often said that Australians are a nation of travellers. One could stretch to almost any corner of the globe and stumble across an Aussie. Given the increasingly global context of business and economics, we would suggest that the intrepid nature present in individual Australian travellers is increasingly prevalent in... Show More

Steve Johnson

I presented a webinar for Netwealth last week on value investing in small and mid cap stocks. Even after a couple of decades practising value investing, going back to basics gets me thinking about the fundamentals of what we do. And it helps, a lot. The value of any financial security... Show More

Steve Johnson

Bonds, equities, residential property, cash. Whatever your poison, prospective returns from today's asset prices look meager. One bright spot, however, is high quality European exporters. We own a number of great little companies in our international portfolio, all well managed, growing and paying dividends. This little stock featured in this... Show More


The mining bust and the weakening of the Aussie dollar have motivated local investors to look offshore for better investment opportunities. With this in mind, investors who are looking to invest globally should be aware of the potential added benefits that arise from looking beyond the “usual suspects” when seeking... Show More

PM Capital

Paul Moore, Chief Investment Officer of PM Capital explains what he is observing with respect to Europe and the economic recovery. "Every time you get a bit of noise around Greece people get nervous. The reality is that if you look at the underlying trends you are starting to see... Show More

Steve Johnson

Until last night at least, Harley Davidson stock (NYSE:HOG) was trading at what looked like attractive levels. The strong US dollar is an issue for the company, but 14 times earnings looks pretty attractive for one of the world's great brands. The first American to enter Germany after WWII rode... Show More