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In this Livewire Exclusive video, Vimal Gor, Head of Fixed Interest & Income at BT Investment Management, described Yellen’s recent speech at Jackson Hole, "The Federal Reserve's monetary policy toolkit: Past, present, and future" as a ‘damp squib’, i.e.: a ‘fizzer’. He says: “There have been lots of conversation about... Show More

One of the more interesting developments was the reticence from the Fed to move toward negative rates, something their counterparts in Europe and Japan are obviously more comfortable with. Yellen didn’t mention negative rates when discussing steps future policymakers may add to their toolkits, but it was telling that she... Show More

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Bloomberg: "Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen spelled out on Tuesday what she means by data dependence, asserting her leadership of the U.S. central bank with a clear message that interest rates will be raised at a cautious pace. In one of her most detailed policy discussions this year, Yellen gave... Show More

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"The Committee judges that there has been considerable improvement in labor market conditions this year, and it is reasonably confident that inflation will rise, over the medium term, to its 2 percent objective. Given the economic outlook, and recognizing the time it takes for policy actions to affect future economic... Show More

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Uday Cheruvu, Portfolio Manager at PM CAPITAL, thinks that it is almost a certainty that the Fed will raise rates this week, given Janet Yellen’s comments over recent weeks. However, he doesn’t think this should be viewed as a negative. “It tells us that the Fed is confident enough about... Show More