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Australia has had a multi-decade love affair with credit, where we've gone from households being quite under-leveraged because we had financial regulation and credit rationing, to a ‘go for your lives’ scenario. It turns out when you let people borrow as much as they want, they borrow a lot. So... Show More

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Software companies often attract a very high valuation, at least at face value. Drilling down deeper into the economics of these business reveals the real value of owning a business with a sustainable ‘moat’ that can reinvest at high rates of return, says Kate Howitt, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International. Show More

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The most important ingredient of a great investment is having an outstanding ‘horse and jockey’; a business that’s operating in an attractive industry, and a highly capable management team. Kate Howitt, Portfolio Manager at Fidelity International, explains the attributes they look for, and why Wisetech Global ticks all the boxes. Show More