mergers and acquisitions

Luke Cummings

A recent article from Tony Boyd in the Australian Financial Review shone a light on just how active the domestic Australian market has been for M & A activity in 2018. Our last Livewire submission seven months ago touched on a few key things to look out for when trading... Show More

Graeme Carson

Afterpay (ASX:AFY) is changing the way consumers buy retail goods and, in the process, is revolutionising layby. The outlook for growth in Afterpay isn't slowing but the market appears apprehensive with the recent announcement that AFY will merge with, its once big brother, Touchcorp (ASX:TCH). Is this an opportunity to... Show More

Patrick Poke

The big news this week, which I’m sure you’d have struggled to miss, was the Fed’s back step on the tightening cycle. After falling for the first half of the week, markets rallied on the news that the Fed had adjusted their ‘dot plot’ to tell us that rate rises... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

We’re in a market that is ripe for company acquisitions - interest rates are low, profit growth is soft and equity valuations are mostly high. Yet, while many of these acquisitions will be greeted with hype and some with acclaim, in my experience the majority will end in tears. These... Show More

I still call Australia my M&A home. We attended the RIU Explorers conference in Fremantle last week. The key focus was on growth through M&A, echoing the tone that it is cheaper to buy resources rather than explore for them yourself. We think there's going to be a ramp up... Show More

Two views on five potential takeover targets. Julian Babarczy, head of Australian equities at Regal Funds Management, discusses the prospect for heightened M&A activity in 2015. We believe 2015 could be a year of above-average takeover activity in the Australian market, driven by strong equity markets, good quality corporate balance... Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Given that valuations at the start of the year were already above-average and earnings expectations are barely positive, one could only put the early 2015 Australian share rally down to central bank policy, both domestic and foreign... There will be two waves in Australia from the search for yield surge... Show More

James Marlay

Record amounts of money headed for PE funds. M&A activity has been tipped to spike in the years ahead (note Toll Holdings bid this morning Jeremy Bendeich from Avoca Investment Management says, M&A will increasingly play a role in the Australian equity market over the next year or two... Show More

Small caps likely to be a focus of increased M&A activity ...we believe M&A will increasingly play a role in the Australian equity market over the next year or two (particularly small caps) given: constrained top-line growth; cheap debt funding; and asset recycling well under way in most private equity houses.... Show More