mergers and acquisitions

Dean Fergie

SKB has made a company transformative move in its acquisition of Cairns based adventure tourism company, Raging Thunder (RT). This marks SKB's first move outside its traditional skydiving business and opens up a myriad of new opportunities and prospects to its young, but already incredibly successful, business model. Show More

Perpetual Equity Investment Company

Given that valuations at the start of the year were already above-average and earnings expectations are barely positive, one could only put the early 2015 Australian share rally down to central bank policy, both domestic and foreign... There will be two waves in Australia from the search for yield surge... Show More

Livewire Equities

Small caps likely to be a focus of increased M&A activity ...we believe M&A will increasingly play a role in the Australian equity market over the next year or two (particularly small caps) given: constrained top-line growth; cheap debt funding; and asset recycling well under way in most private equity houses.... Show More

Livewire News

In the latest GMO quarterly report Jeremy Grantham explains why he sees the recipe for a veritable explosion of financial deals. Grantham explains that two well identified markers, being low cost of debt and high profit margins, are already in place. However, the third reason that has the most influence... Show More