Mugunthan Siva

This may come as a surprise, but guess which country was the first to legislate social responsibility for corporations? India! Indian companies are engaged in several projects that are meaningfully impacting the lives of India’s poor and the surrounding environment. Unfortunately, you don’t hear about this in the Australian media. Show More

On Friday the 9th June, the AFR ran an excellent article on the new breed of superannuation funds hitting the Australian market place, most of whom are targeted towards Gen-Y and millennials, Australia’s most populous generation. “Inside the multi-billion dollar battle for Millennials’ super”, which you can access here, looked... Show More

The Millennials - broadly defined as those from 18-35 years old - can be a difficult nut to crack. Many companies struggling to adapt to changing consumer preferences as Millennials tend to prefer experiences over assets. Chris Stott, Chief Investment Officer at Wilson Asset Management, identifies Domino's as a great... Show More

Interesting note out of Goldman today about the “spending implications from a new generation of parents”, aka millennials. While Goldman’s note focuses mostly on individual stocks that should benefit from this age group becoming parents, the macro themes are worth taking a looking at. First off Goldman believes there will... Show More