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The recently released Economic outlook from the Carlyle Group, titled “The search for yield and business investment”, focused on why corporate investment has been so weak in the past few years, despite record low interest rates. With income streams from “safe” investments (cash and government bonds) at record lows, it... Show More

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The core message from BT Chief Economist Chris Caton is that Australian productivity needs to grow if we are to have any increase in living standards. This message from Caton reinforces the importance of an upshift in productivity highlighted in a recent speech by RBA Deputy Governor Lowe, “it is... Show More

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In a recent report from Goldman Sachs, analysts bring up an interesting discussion on US productivity. Basically, the current productivity numbers may be understating the contribution of information technology. Goldman calls this the ‘productivity paradox’. Current productivity numbers show growth at 1.5%, below the long-term average of 2.25%. Drilling down... Show More