Is it time to buy Sydney property?

Matthew Hayson

The June property market became a little like the movie Groundhog Day, with repetitious news reports on conditions and auction outcomes along with an overall funk in the market that was hard to shake. Show More

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Size matters – Sydney’s office market shrinks while Melbourne booms

Michael  Doble

In the last decade, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have become home to an additional 3 million people*. The rate of growth is unlikely to abate, either. Infrastructure Australia estimates population growth of 11.8 million people over the next three decades, much of it focused on Sydney and Melbourne, the... Show More

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Volatility in the A-REIT sector

Winston Sammut

A lot has been written about financial market volatility and the impact on investor sentiment. Volatile markets are characterised by wide price fluctuations and large trading volumes. Simply put, volatility is the amount of price change experienced over a given period. Low volatility means that a security's value does not... Show More


Why electric vehicles won’t kill your local servo

Chris Brockett

Australia remains a nation of car lovers. Some of us enjoy the engineering and craftsmanship, others have fond memories of lazy Sunday drives and long holiday road trips. In reality, many of us have little choice. Our low population density and poor public transport means most of us are car-dependent. Show More

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Falling Sydney & Melbourne home prices – is this the crash?

Shane Oliver

Australian capital city home prices fell 0.2% in March, their fifth monthly fall in a row. This has brought annual growth down to 0.8% from 11.4% in May last year. Most of the recent weakness relates to Sydney and to a less extent Melbourne. Show More

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Howard Hughes Corporation – US-based real estate developer

Peters MacGregor Capital Management

Commercial and residential real estate developments in the United States are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Hollywood and Hawaii. Show More

Shorten's war against property and shares

Christopher Joye

In my AFR column I explain the consequences of Labor leader Bill Shorten's proposed new taxes for shares, property and hybrids---it's worth noting that even the Greens appear to have a problem with the notion of king-hitting prudent retirees with the Greens' leader vocally criticising Shorten's desire to deny retirees... Show More

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What Bill Shorten’s New Tax Rules Mean for Equities, Hybrids and Property

Christopher Joye

Labor leader Bill Shorten is certainly bold when it comes to assaulting the financial heartlands of Australian housing, equities and super. Show More

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Multiple fault lines opening for the Aussie Dollar

Elizabeth Moran

One month into 2018 and the AUD has punched above 80 US cents and is looking pretty perky. It is trading around its highs against the beleaguered USD since 2014. So, why is it up here again? Can it last? Is it time to sell? Or strap in for a... Show More

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Livewire Summer School: November rain, and insurance claims

Livewire Exclusive

Guns N’ Roses released their first debut album titled “Appetite for Destruction” in July 1987. Three months later one of the most violent and unexpected equity market corrections in US history occurred. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value on Black Monday, and the causes behind the dramatic fall are... Show More

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Chinese Property Market - One to watch out for...

Robert Swift

We have written on the China “marvel” before and continue to scratch our head on this enigma and the sustainability of it. You have to give them huge credit for what they have achieved – the greatest economic expansion in history improving the lives of so many people in a... Show More

Out of property and into stocks

Stephen Koukoulas

There seems to be a theme developing in the Australian market at the moment. We have further evidence of a cooling in the housing market, and a coincidental lift in the value of the ASX hinting that those with money to invest are avoiding the ultra-expensive, low yielding housing market,... Show More

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What’s behind the rise in house prices - and what to do about it

Matthew  Coleman

There are many explanations for the astronomical rise in house prices along Australia’s eastern seaboard. But most economists settle on is that we haven’t built enough homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to support their booming populations. Show More

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Property goes down when rates go up, right?

Nicholas Sproats

Not really. Show More

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Which is a better investment: Property or shares?

Roger Montgomery

In this wire, Andreas Lundberg Senior Analyst at Montgomery Investment Management, tackles the question of how an investment property would measure up if analysed using an equity analysis framework: Show More

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Perfectly feasible that house prices could fall 25%

Livewire Exclusive

Australian residential property prices gained 0.7% through July, with the year-to-date gain now at 6.2%. Speaking at Livewire Live recently, Steve Johnson of Forager Funds said that it was, however, perfectly feasible that house prices could fall by 25%, and listed three potential catalysts. Show More

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Aussie Home Prices biggest fall in 18months


The CoreLogic Home Value Index of capital city home prices fell by 1.1 per cent in May but was up 8.3 per cent over the year. It was the biggest monthly fall in prices in 18 months. Seasonal effects played a part in today’s result, with prices often falling in... Show More


Flexibility the key to real estate success

AMP Capital

Adaptation and flexible spaces will be pivotal in successful real estate design and management in the next decade, driven by changes in the way people shop, work and socialise. Bill Gates famously said: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change... Show More

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Demographic trends supporting global property

Quay Global Investors

Global real estate is one of nine major asset classes. However, many may not know it has ranked in the top five asset classes for 13 of the past 17 years, and should play a larger role in Australian investors’ portfolios. Unhedged global real estate has been one the best... Show More

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The Fed's lessons on property for Australian banks

David Poppenbeek

In our view the major Australian banks offer very little valuation upside. In fact we are becoming increasingly concerned that Australian banks are collectively embracing the view that inflation will stay lower for longer, that mortgage serviceability will be at least maintained over the medium term and that property investments... Show More

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