Volatility in the A-REIT sector

Winston Sammut

A lot has been written about financial market volatility and the impact on investor sentiment. Volatile markets are characterised by wide price fluctuations and large trading volumes. Simply put, volatility is the amount of price change experienced over a given period. Low volatility means that a security's value does not... Show More

Livewire Summer School: November rain, and insurance claims

Livewire Exclusive

Guns N’ Roses released their first debut album titled “Appetite for Destruction” in July 1987. Three months later one of the most violent and unexpected equity market corrections in US history occurred. The Dow lost 22.6% of its value on Black Monday, and the causes behind the dramatic fall are... Show More

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Aussie Home Prices biggest fall in 18months


The CoreLogic Home Value Index of capital city home prices fell by 1.1 per cent in May but was up 8.3 per cent over the year. It was the biggest monthly fall in prices in 18 months. Seasonal effects played a part in today’s result, with prices often falling in... Show More

Flexibility the key to real estate success

AMP Capital

Adaptation and flexible spaces will be pivotal in successful real estate design and management in the next decade, driven by changes in the way people shop, work and socialise. Bill Gates famously said: “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change... Show More