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Monopoly is the ultimate real estate game, but it also has some important lessons for real life property investors. In Monopoly, there are three things that determine which squares are the best to own: 1) The likelihood of players landing on them, 2) The ‘price to earnings’ ratio i.e. how... Show More

Jack Lowenstein

We recently returned from ten days visiting more than 20 companies in Japan. Two things struck us: the vast increase in the number of tourists, and how cheap it seemed compared to Australia. The last was born out by the fact that persistent low inflation means that Tokyo is no... Show More

James Maydew

Global listed real estate has been enjoying a favourable outlook, supported by historically-low interest rates and improving economic sentiment. Here are three themes that we’re expecting to perform particularly well during the year due to their exposure to long-term secular growth trends. Show More

Martin Conlon

“Show me the incentive and I’ll show you the outcome” ... Charlie Munger’s quip is typically insightful and relevant to many of the ructions currently facing the domestic economy, including a number of key sectors like real estate, consumer discretionary, telecommunications and energy, all of which will be examined in... Show More

Tim Hannon

Since the rapid 20% correction witnessed from August to November 2016, the real estate and infrastructure sector has made a significant recovery. This recovery is difficult to reconcile given there has been no fundamental improvement in the earnings outlook for many of the securities that have rallied so strongly –... Show More

Glennon Capital

While the bubble in U.S. stocks was just beginning in 1925, the lesser known Florida real estate bubble was already in full swing. “The greatest real estate development in the world” read a Florida News headline in September 1925. By the 1920s middle class America had more time and money... Show More

Roger Montgomery

Investors should buy shares like they buy groceries and REA’s share price decline has seen it become even more attractive to us. With its ranking, in the initial stock screening and ranking step of our investment process, jumping from No.#73 to No.#4 in the last week, it’s worth considering the... Show More

David Bassanese

The surprisingly large fall in home building approvals in November 2015 is a warning shot for those sailing on a sea of complacency with respect to the Australia’s economic outlook. We have previously warned of downside risks to the economy in 2016 due to the housing sector. While many analysts... Show More

Wilson Asset Management

Online real estate business REA Group (ASX: REA) launched a $4 per share takeover bid for south-east Asia focused rival iProperty Group (ASX: IPP) this week. REA Group said it forecast strong population and gross domestic product growth in south-east Asia, and expected the real estate market will continue to... Show More

AMP Capital

The housing sector is doing its part! Our Chief Economist, Shane Oliver, provides an update on the Australian housing market: Show More