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Patrick Poke

Seth Klarman, CEO and Portfolio Manager of the US-based hedge fund, Baupost Group, has been touted widely as “the next Warren Buffett”. The nickname The Oracle of Boston (a reference to Buffett’s “Oracle of Omaha” nickname) has even been used to reference him. However, unlike Berkshire Hathaway, which is a... Show More

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Lachlan Hughes

Seth Klarman is widely recognised as one of the greatest value investors of all time. He is CEO and Portfolio Manager of the Baupost Group, a hedge fund managing over US$31 billion. His book, Margin of Safety is a value investors’ classic. Klarman practically explains the philosophy of value investing... Show More

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In light of the notable market volatility this week, it is timely to review what the masters of the market have said on the subject. These quotes from some of the most successful investors illustrate how investing in stock markets can be a challenging yet rewarding venture, requiring strong research... Show More

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Seth Klarman is betting on oil. According to GuruFocus, Seth Klarman took a new position in Bellatrix Exploration Ltd (BXE), an oil and gas company operating in Canada's Sedementary Basin. Klarman's $28.5 billion Baupost Group returned 8% last year, Bloomberg reported, its sixth consecutive year of gains. The value of... Show More