yield chase

Patrick Poke

Peter Quinton shares his latest ‘Quintessential’ stocks, Miles Staude discusses three big risks to markets, and Daniel Mueller assesses the threat posed by Amazon. Here are three things you should read this weekend. Show More

Chris Watling

US 10-year government bonds reached an all-time closing yield low on 8th July 2016 of 1.37%. That just surpassed the prior record low of 1.43% in July 2012 during the depths of the Euro crisis. Prior to that, US 10-year yields had only been meaningfully below 2% in one year... Show More

Patrick Poke

MFS Chief Investment Strategist, James Swanson, has sounded a warning to yield chasers in his latest note. "Lately, we have witnessed a growing disconnect in the financial markets too. Asset class after asset class continues to rise in value despite stagnant global economic growth and flagging corporate profits... The "chase... Show More

Patrick Poke

Morgans’ five top large-cap picks for September, Chris Stott shares some overheated sectors, Giselle Roux from Escala Partners says yield stocks are overpriced, and nine top-performing LICs. Here are four things you should read this weekend. Show More

Mathan Somasundaram

Sunset Strip | Aussie market continued the positive sentiment despite falling Iron Ore, rising geopolitical risks and high global market volatility. Recent trading in US shows it has dropped nearly 10% from 2014 high to recent lows while Germany has pulled back over 20% and UK over 13%. Recent downgrades... Show More