Aussie market remains aimless and flat as it waits for central bankers to set the tone. The week of the central bankers will kick of tomorrow with US Fed and even PBOC may come to the market on their outlook. The best performing sectors were Gold, Health Care and Telcos while the worst performers were the Resource sectors. The market was mainly dominated by the performance of two stocks setting the trend for their sector. NAB result was fair but soft on business margin and that drove investors to move the money into WBC that has already flagged a better result. DSH came out with a downgrade after HVN’s solid sales update yesterday. DSH is beginning to look a lot like MYR. All the market pundits that were jumping up and down when WOW got rid of it may be thinking twice now. Funny how these flipped retail models tend to do well for a year or two and then the wheels fall off. Stay positive and stay nimble!!! (VIEW LINK)