Food stocks may not always take you to investing’s promised land, but a2 Milk and Capilano have certainly delivered some milk and honey for investors in recent years. This week, our panellists pass verdict on both stocks, as well as veteran agribusiness, Elders, before then bringing two food stocks of their own.   


Panel: Matthew Kidman, Centennial Asset Management; Ron Shamgar, TBF Investment Management; Dean Fergie, Cyan Investment Management. 


After reviewing the retail sector last week, our panelists discuss a diverse basket of food and ag stocks this week, including Elders, a2 Milk and Capilano Honey. 

Our panelists also both bring along a food and ag stock of their own that they think represents the best buying in the thematic. Ron reels in a fishy tip, and Dean picks a ‘scary one’ trading at half NTA and five times earnings. 

Matthew Kidman from Centennial Asset Management is your host, so tune in for the latest exclusive from Livewire. 

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