Just the other day I was talking to one of my school friends who's a Livewire reader and I asked him how he was finding some of the new features we've released this year. He looked uncomfortable and said to me sheepishly, "I can never remember my password, so I just read the daily email." So, I asked him to visit, re-set his password (it took him 30 seconds) and showed him. He immediately said to me "I had no idea. You need to let people know about this." So here goes... but first I better give you some background.

James Marlay, my business partner, and I started Livewire 5 years ago. Our purpose is to help all investors to be more confident and informed about investing by giving you direct access to the views of Australia's leading fund and wealth managers. Along the way, after many conversations with you, our audience, we've learned a lot about investing and plenty about what you need. Despite this we still have a lot more to learn!

Our awesome technology and content teams have turned these learnings into website features and new content series so that you can spend less time looking, and more time finding valuable content and new investment ideas. Here's a few things we’ve picked up along the way:

  1. You're an open-minded bunch, who like to do a lot of research. Given the recent results of the stock picking survey, it’s clear you know your stuff.
  2. You feel like there's an overload of information out there and you want someone to curate the best content for you.
  3. Some of you are interested in very specific topics, contributors or shows, like Buy Hold Sell.
  4. You want a way to keep all your favourite articles in one place for easy reference in the future.
  5. You want to hear from investors you can trust and keep track of what they are saying.

On the back of those insights, we've built some useful tools so that Livewire can take away the pain of finding the best market insights.

A Website With a Live Feed of Breaking Wires

Yes, there's a website. It's available at It's now used by more than 150,000 investors, so plenty of you have already discovered it, but quite a few people still think that Livewire is just an email. If you are reading a wire all you have to do is click the Livewire logo or hit the latest tab and you'll be taken to the home page.

Our website is the starting point for all Livewire content. All you have to do is login (it's easy to reset your password if you have forgotten it) or create a new account and BAM! You can immediately access 20,000+ articles, videos and podcasts from contributors like Hamish Douglass, Roger Montgomery, Geoff Wilson and Marcus Padley.

Pro Tip #1: All articles appear on the website before featuring in our email. This means you can see articles before the crowd gets them via the newsletter.

The Trending Panel

It shows you the content that's trending (most popular) right now on the Livewire website. It’s like a live version of the daily email. Checking the Trending panel on the website enables you to get ahead of the crowd and see what the biggest market issues and best ideas are, rather than wait for the emails to come through. You can access the live Trending feed here.

The Like Button

There's a like button on every article. It's a nice way to give a contributor a "tip of the hat" to let them know you appreciated their article. According to Harvard Medical School "gratitude makes you happier" so "a like a day" might just keep that frown away. Moreover, the like button is actually a powerful way to tell us what you are interested in so we can serve you more of that content over time.

Pro tip #2: Because we know it's important to you, Livewire also saves all your "liked" articles in one place for easy access. This creates a library of all your favourite content. Check out your list of likes here.


If you have a specific need for content, such as articles about Macro, Asset Allocation, Fixed Income or Education then go to our website and click on categories on the top navigation bar (it's in the menu if you are using mobile). Here you can discover all the latest content in each of those specific areas of interest.

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All the Buy Hold Sell videos, Podcasts and Fund Manager Q&As are now available in one place on the website. Just navigate to the top menu and click series and then your favourite program. Here are the links for the different series:

The Follow Button & Personalised Content

By following contributors on Livewire, you can now receive personalised content recommendations from all your favourite experts. There are two ways to start getting personalised content

  1. Visit the contributors page to see the list of 500+ contributors and go nuts following all your favourites.

  2. If you read an article and you enjoy it, hit the ‘follow’ button and you’ll be notified each time that contributor publishes on Livewire.

Pro Tip #3 The default setting for your personalised wrap up email is weekly. If you want it more or less frequently, just go to the ‘Email Preferences’ tab in your profile and change the setting to immediately, daily or monthly.

The Contact Button

Our research indicates that many investors want to meet a fund manager before they invest with them. We've created a really easy way for you to get in contact with them or to request more information about their funds. If the contributor has a "contact" button it means they (or one of their representatives) are interested in hearing from you so don't be shy to use it.

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We are here to help

I hope that this has helped to clear a few things up for many of you. If you need help getting access to the website or have more great ideas on how we could improve Livewire please leave a comment below or send us and email

Thanks for your support and all your ideas.  

James Marlay

Nice article Tom, some great features in there and a big tip of the hat to our awesome product and development team.

Joshua Stewart

A couple of the features discussed in your article do not appear to be present on the mobile version of your site. When viewing on an iPad neither the category or series links are available on the top menu, labeled About Livewire. Additionally there is no longer a link to the latest wires and I rely on my bookmark to return there. Congratulations Tom & James on a fabulous service. As a private investor I find your Livewire site invaluable. Thank you to all the contributors.

James Marlay

Cheers Josh, our team are looking into it and I reckon they're a good chance of getting this sorted. Thanks for letting us know - have a great weekend.

simon pardi

thanks for the tip.I really like the 'like button tip' as it saves that article for you .beats having to shuffle through all LW emails. other tips helpful too.Thanks

john bailey

Thanks guys very much, heaps of great products on the Livewire site , would it be possible to have the date on each article sometimes I'm not sure how recent an article is cheers John

Tom McKay

Hi John, thanks for your comments. The date should be in the top right hand corner of the article. If it’s not showing it might be because you are using a rare browser e.g. an older version of Internet Explorer which unfortunately we don’t support. If you try Chrome or Safari you should be able to see it.

Alex Lewicki

Terrific job with Livewire, guys. Love stopping by.