Kate Howitt

A couple of years ago I bought an orange blazer. At the time I felt incredibly stylish and on-trend. But about six months later the romance was over - whenever I pulled it out to wear I felt like I was putting on a high-vis jacket to go onto a... Show More

Patrick Poke

What will the world look like in five years’ time? A difficult question to answer, but one that long-term equity investors must ask themselves every day. In 2014, Amazon remained outside the world’s top 10 companies, Telstra’s share price peaked at over $6.60 per share, and Afterpay was nothing more... Show More

James Marlay

One of the most anticipated IPOs of 2019 is set to kick off at the end of April. Regal Funds Management is seeking to raise $500 million for a new Listed Investment Trust (LIT) - the Regal Investment Fund (ASX:RF1) with Equity Trustees as Responsible Entity. Why is there so... Show More

Rachel Cole

China is a key economic partner for Australia, being our largest trading partner for both imports and exports. Whilst our commodity exports to China make up the largest amount by value, our agricultural and consumer-related exports are experiencing greater growth. This presents some interesting investment opportunities for Australian listed companies... Show More

Daily Report
James Gerrish

Another really strong day for Aussie stocks as traders position for further interest rate cuts locally following a weaker than expected print on inflation at 11.30am this morning…A host of investment banks along with ANZ, WBC and NAB are now calling for two rate cuts this year, the... Show More

Chris Watling

For most of the last 10 years, the world’s major central banks have been creating significant amounts of cheap money. This has been primarily achieved with various QE and other liquidity programs, as well as negative interest rates in many parts of the global economy. That cheap money has found... Show More

Fixed Income
Gopi Karunakaran

Bond markets, like the plumbing in your house, tend to only get attention when something goes wrong. That’s what’s happening now as falling bond yields globally and inversions across the US yield curve (i.e. long dated bond yields dropping below short term rates) have some ‘expert’ forecasters panicking about a... Show More