Buy Hold Sell: 5 stocks for stormy markets

Buy Hold Sell

A cyclone has ripped through markets in the last three months, leaving the ASX200 down 10%, and many stocks down by a multiple of that. Yet with powerful forces at play, another sharp leg down feels just as feasible as a Christmas rally. Show More

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jim lolo

As always, very informative

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eric wells

I've always likesd Matthew Kidman, and with the added Bonus of Tobias Yeo from Wilsons, , ( We own WAM ), this episode is great. Eric Wells

The Regulator Strikes Back

Hugh Dive

Over the course of 2018, the Royal Commission into Financial Services has provided numerous examples of the conflicts of interest inherent to the vertically integrated model of financial advice. In this model, the financial adviser is often incentivised to direct their client's savings onto an investment platform and then invest... Show More

Afterpay: Don’t focus on the sideshow

Livewire Exclusive

Despite a sharp fall in October, Afterpay is still the ASX200’s top performer over 12 months, with a remarkable gain of 166%. Speaking at a recent event held by IRESS and Livewire, Andrew Mitchell from Ophir Asset Management discussed the outlook for the stock. Show More

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Simon James

Part of ignoring the noise is actually trying to measure objective things. It is interesting to compare the total website visits of all the USA companies they listed in their last presen [...]

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Brandon Kibby

The biggest problem facing Afterpay is the AFR and Fairfax. I can't believe how Fairfax picks up on the smallest of problems and puts them into a headline. What shorter is paying them? S [...]

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Michael Bishop

Well said Simon!

The dividend gems the market forgot

Livewire Exclusive

Income investors relying on ASX blue-chips have been under increasing pressure. However, another source of income has returned to the top end of the market. Speaking at a recent event held by IRESS and Livewire, Peter Gardner from Plato Investment Management identified a long-absent income opportunity back on the menu. Show More

The next stock to release franking credits

Trent Crawley

There’s no better feeling than receiving a cheque from the tax man. But with Labor likely to win the next federal election, fewer cheques will be posted by the ATO. Will companies sitting on large franking balances rush out and try to beat the impending changes to the imputation system? Show More

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James Marlay

Great article, thanks for sharing your process and screening.

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Dean Tipping

Great article...

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David Webb

Very interesting and pertinent in this economic cycle. Advisors do not seem to comment on these possibilities.

Nothing terribly wrong

Marcus Padley

I run a fund. The recent 13.2% fall in the ASX 200 has caused us all to do some hard thinking. You have to decide, is this the start of a long bear market, or is it an opportunity? Whilst clearly talking my own book as a fund manager, I... Show More

3 compelling industries over the next decade

Amit Lodha

With 2020 just 13 months away, now is a great time to take a step back and think about the long-term. 10 years ago, the top 10 companies in the world were dominated by energy and Chinese companies. Today, seven of the top 10 companies are technology companies. In this... Show More

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James M

I'm interesting to know why you think Google would split Waymo out to a different business and how you think that would work? Are you suggesting a separate listing or separate private ho [...]

The big risk for Australia's equity market

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What would you nominate as the single biggest risk to the local stock market right now? In an interview at a recent event held by IRESS and Livewire, we asked Brad Matthews, who consults to Advisors and Managers on asset allocation, for his view. Show More

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David Bainbridge

There have been several precedents, from 1961, 1974, 1982 and 1989. In each case the property market dropped by more than is currently being experienced. In the first three cases the dro [...]

Half the price of Healthscope

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30 years ago, private equity was uncrowded, and less competition meant better deals. Intense competition today means higher valuations, leading to a lower margin of safety. Adrian Warner, Managing Director and CIO of Avenir Capital argues here that public equity markets now offer better pricing opportunities. Show More

Macau casinos - overshot?

PM Capital

Like many companies exposed to China, the share prices Macau casinos like Sands China, MGM China and Wynn Resorts have been volatile. Kevin Bertoli, Portfolio Manager, Asian Strategies, recently travelled to Hong Kong and Macau and reports that the industry structure is improving and valuations look attractive for long term... Show More

2018 summed up in 5 charts

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If 2018 were a boxing match, you would be Mundine and Mr. Market would be Horn. It only took you 96 seconds to be battered and bruised to the floor. What went wrong? What did you miss? Like Horn, markets have been unforgiving. Globally, we have seen one of the... Show More

How to snowball your equity returns​

Anton Tagliaferro

Most people are familiar with the concept of compound interest when it comes to term deposits where one can earn interest on interest by continuing to roll over a term deposit several times. However, many investors do not relate the concept of compounding to their investments in the sharemarket. Show More

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Mark Dawson

Thanks Anton, I've enjoyed reading your article and agree with the magic of compounding. As investors we are buying a business and not just a stock or ticker code. We should try and avoi [...]

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eric wells

Spot on Anton, that's the way I always invest. I've held WOW for nigh on 20 years, and boy, have they rewarded me. Cheers, Eric Wells