It's Different This Time, Not A Bubble

Rudi Filapek-Vandyck

One of my all-time favourite movie scenes is when Woody Allen stands in the queue in Annie Hall (1977) and he ends up having a discussion with the loudmouth academic behind him who professes to know everything there is to know about Marshall McLuhan. Show More

3 reasons to lighten your equity exposure

Brad Matthews

Although headline returns from equity markets have remained buoyant over recent months, signs of some fracturing of the steady state equilibrium that has supported such an extended rally have begun to emerge. China, Latin America, and now most recently selected European markets, have all recorded material corrections. Show More

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Jonas Daly

Interesting article Brad and highlights the challenges investors currently face chasing growth and then on the flipside still trying to find something defensive (without structural risks [...]

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Jeff Standfield

Thanks Brad. Good explanation of a possible future reality. Would you like to add a paragraph expanding on “alternatives”

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Rash - IIR

Brad - really good to see your contributions here , always enjoyed listening to your macro insights

The best sectors late cycle in a bull market

James Gerrish

The current bull market is now the longest in history, so not surprisingly the main question we are regularly being asked is, what now? Show More

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Graeme Holbeach

This whole article appears to revolve around Para. 4 in which you state that , "US stocks experienced 2 multi-month corrections is 2011 and 2015/6, in both cases investors were given a w [...]

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Carol Green

What "specifically selected" hybrids would you recommend? C Green

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Justin Baiocchi

"The orange and pink circles on the Russell 3000 chart mean nothing to me." I'm no chartist, but I think the orange circles show an intra-month high above the monthly open price, but [...]

An undervalued Aussie small cap

Romano Sala Tenna

In our piece titled ‘Is this the Next Credit Corp?’ in May 2017, we made the case for why we considered PNC to be the standout amongst emerging companies on our radar. At the time the share price was trading at $2.13, but it has since increased by around... Show More

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Damien Parker

Excellent summary of a great company with outstanding transparent management. My only concern is the "accounting mystery" box which asesses the value of acquired assets. The recent (malc [...]

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Romano Sala Tenna

To quote Matt Kidman, the Cashflow Statement is the P+L on truth serum! Follow the cash; record cash collections and record net operating cash from operations. Beyond that, i would a [...]

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Mark White

Hi Romano, Do you have any concerns over the debt levels of PNC at this stage of the credit cycle? I note that their D/E is up from 89% last year to 129% this year (CCP's D/E went fro [...]

Buy Hold Sell: 5 big movers in small caps

Buy Hold Sell

Small caps have been sizzling in 2018 and there’s been big moves in a number of market darlings post their results. Analysts and investors have been left scratching their heads as earnings fundamentals seem at odds with the outsized market reactions. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell we’ve invited... Show More

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simo mokl

IFM - if you had bought it 15yrs ago on the float you are still have 50% losses

'Big Brands' offer protection in a world of disruption

Magellan Asset Management

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith teared up when he heralded the closure of his 19-year-old locally sourced all-profits-to-charity Dick Smith Foods because the German discount chain Aldi, which only entered Australia in 2001, has “destroyed us”. Smith said, when announcing the closure in July, that he had written to Coles, Metcash... Show More

Listed Managed Investments: Quarterly Review

Peter Rae

In its latest Quarterly LMI Market Review, Independent Investment Research (IIR) provides detailed coverage of 49 listed investment companies, listed investment trusts and active ETFs including commentary, investment views and ratings. We have coverage across a number of sectors and investing strategies and provide insight into performance, discounts and premiums... Show More

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Peter Brown

What is truly revealing and somewhat worrying from your report is that only 6 of the 49 LICS reviewed have outperformed the S&P/ASX All Ordinaries Index over the last 5 years. These LICs [...]

The top five characteristics of 'Super investors'

Lachlan Hughes

Earlier this year I reviewed my top ten investment books of all time on Livewire. My goal was to share some of the perspectives of the world’s best investors. In this wire, I summarise those reviews to identify the top five characteristics of the world's best investors, the 'Super investors'. Show More

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James Gerrish

Love the analogy of the pig and the chicken...

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Damien Parker

Perhaps wishful thinking - can we apply the 'Roman arches' lesson to CEO's?

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Lachlan Hughes

Hi Damien. I think we could. We need our politicians to create a law that the company (acting on behalf of its shareholders) can claw back any entitlements i.e. salary or bonus, for unsc [...]

Twelve interesting charts right now

Chris Bedingfield

If “a picture tells a thousand words”, imagine what 12 can do. We've pulled together 12 charts that we think are interesting for investors right now, including our views on what they each mean. Show More

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Peter Brown

What an informative and interesting article. Thank you. Including actual evidence as opposed to opinion and being able to see the evidence visually in the charts was great.

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Rus Watson

Really interesting article Chris. I am wondering if the low employment "churn rate" might make it more difficult for new entrants into the labour market. A sector by sector analysis mi [...]

3 EduTech Focused Microcaps

Mark Tobin

At a recent technology conference, I attended there was a whole panel discussion on the opportunities around the use of technology and innovation in the education sector. While not as sexy and almost ubiquitous as FinTech or platform businesses like Facebook and Netflix etc. Education globally is still a huge... Show More