In a new video entitled “Danger Ahead” that was released overnight the billionaire investor Carl Icahn says that stocks could fall a lot more from here as a result of distortions caused by low interest rates. As a result he’s now more hedged than he’s been in years. Icahn outlines his 5 major worries in the video: 1) Low rates “are almost by definition building bubbles”; 2) Companies are engineering earnings through M&A; 3) Companies are weakening balance sheets through buybacks; 4) High yield bonds are being routinely sold to Mums and Dads in ETFs to generate income. “It’s just déjà vu, the public got screwed in 2008, they’re going to get screwed again. Santayana said “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it… and I’m afraid we’re going down that road.” (VIEW LINK)