Fallen Angels and Glamour Stocks

Buy Hold Sell

We’ve seen how rollups can be an amazing source of growth, but they can also be painful when they come unstuck. In this episode of Buy Hold Sell, we look at 5 companies that are growing by acquisition. We ask our panel whether momentum will continue for the glamour stocks, and will the fallen angels make a comeback?

Key Points

  • Mantra: Possible soft earnings guidance and currency headwinds.
  • National Storage: Good idea, but priced for it.
  • G8 Education: Demand for the service. Government support. Possibility of bank finance. However, well into their strategy and organic growth lacking.
  • BWX: Big opportunities in US and Europe, as well as China. However dependent on a single brand.
  • IPH: No assets, principals cashed up and have been net sellers, currency headwinds, escrow stock coming out, lack of organic growth.

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Buy Hold Sell

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