Macquarie estimates that by 2025, India’s energy demand will rise 71%, with coal taking the lead among oil, gas, hydro, nuclear and others. India is already the second-largest importer of thermal coal, and it might surpass China in the coming years. Macquarie analysts write “Although all energy use will rise , coal is the major theme as consumption and local production are both set to almost double by 2025 on the back of large-scale coal power plant construction plans. Unlike China, India has no present interest in reigning in its use of coal. Most emerging markets, India included, recognise that coal is an extremely affordable and reliable source of energy, necessary to drive economic growth.

 Even if these predictions don’t come to fruition, the consensus is that we haven’t yet seen peak coal use in Asia. Estimates vary depending on the agency, but everyone seems to agree that demand in the medium-term will rise before it retreats. A 2014 MIT study even suggests that Chinese coal consumption could rise more than 70% between 2012 and 2040.” (Source: MineWeb)


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