Livewire Markets, Australia's fastest growing investor community, presents a rare opportunity to hear investment strategies, market insights and stock tips from three of Australia's most respected and successful fund managers – Anton Tagliaferro from Investors Mutual, Geoff Wilson from Wilson Asset Management and Ben Griffiths from Eley Griffiths Group. The discussion covers 1) Global macro; 2) The yield trade versus growth; 3) Sectors that will perform best in a rising interest rate environment; 4) Places you should not be investing; and 5) 3 high conviction stock ideas. Register (or sign-in) to immediately access the broadcast and full event program (see attached pdf) including 3 stock tips from the fund managers. Click the image below to get started (panel starts at the 12:40 minute mark):

Gordon Davis

An excellent discussion. I found it worthwhile spending the time listening to the points expressed by the panellists. It's also good to get some recommendations outside the square

Darshak Mehta

KUDOS. Highly enlightening & entertaining. This must become a regular feature! The panel really 'worked'& the moderator, Matthew Kidman was highly disciplined. The time just flew and I returned much the wiser.

Alex Manger

This is excellent insight from 3 very experienced fund managers. Its unique to see their interplay and how each of them form a view/approach their investment decisions. I cannot think of anywhere else where I have seen this before. Thanks.

Ann Ritchie

Congratulations Livewire. This was a most entertaining & interesting session. There is always something to take away from these sort of discussions, and it certainly gave me some ideas to think about.

Andrew Fairweather

well done Livewire - an insightful event with both interesting and divergent views - great to hear the views from experienced fundies who are in the market each day versus the so called 'media experts'!

Jordan Eliseo

Terrific initiative Livewire - to bring together insights from three leading fund managers like this - and their assessment of what value is out there, their relative cash weightings, where valuations are and their thoughts on monetary policy both in Australia and overseas was fantastic. Top event - please run one again soon

Patrick Gallagher

Excellent session.Useful information presented in an entertaining way.

Dean Tipping

That was brilliant!! Well done on putting that together and keep that sort of stuff coming...not one word of rubbish spoken...very refreshing!!

James Nicolaou

Tom & James- Well done on yesterday successful event; the pre-cursor to many more to come! Feedback from the 3 Fund Managers i brought along with me yesterday was very good, with the guys impressed with the format, structure of the preso, quality of both audience and presenters & the Livewire offering generally. Keep up the good work, look forward to assisting you with the Melbourne equivalent in the future. Cheers James Nicolaou

David Lyons

Well done Gents an insightful, interesting and entertaining event. As always with LiveWire the session was full of relevant content! Was refreshing so see a vastly differing mix of opinions from the presenters, a true indication of the current markets. Well done guys and keep me posted for any future events.


Excellent format, very informative & diverse fund managers on the panel - we enjoyed the session immensely & look forward to the next instalment...

Kaycee Green

Fantastic... I really enjoyed it and very informative, thank you ;-)))

Sara li

Thank you very much. More please!


A fantastic event and great to hear the views and thoughts from Geoff, Anton and Ben who've experienced the sharemarket going back over many years from the 1980's until now. They shared some wonderful quotes and advice to use when investing in shares. I think the multiplier effect that Geoff spoke about will come into its own in the next few years and will help achieve Ben's future ASX200 target of 7,100! I like Anton's comment about yield of 5%-6% always being attractive as you're half-way to expected return. Matthew did a fantastic job of moderating the event as well. All in all just brilliant! Thank you for sharing.

Mathan Somasundaram

Great event and hope this is the start of many more information sharing events. It's good to hear from quality people with over 20 years experience. Finance sector in Australia has been shrinking in size and quality for a number of years.

Adam Easter

Very insightful discussion from some very talented investors. Matthew did a great job as a moderator as well. An hour well spent. Thank you.