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Mark Burgess

In a panel discussion at Livewire Live in 2016, which you can see here, I described my worst fear at that moment: the danger of a trade war. In this wire, I revisit my thesis and ask what it means for investors. Show More

James Marlay

The team at Sharesight has put together a portfolio of all the fund manager stock picks from the Livewire Live investor forum. The 2015 picks have had over 12 months to perform, delivering an impressive total return of 32.43%. The portfolio has now been updated to include the latest picks... Show More

In this session from Livewire Live we look at the big issues facing the global economy now and in the years to come. Topics discussed include global currency wars, future returns, declining demographics, and the monetisation of debt. Matthew Kidman hosts Mark Burgess, Vimal Gor, and Nikki Thomas. Click on... Show More

Ben Griffiths, Portfolio Manager at Eley Grifftihs Group, says that New Zealand is a great place to invest. Auckland Airport has been a significant holding of theirs for some time, while Trade Me Group is currently their largest position. All up, New Zealand-Based companies now make up ~16% of their... Show More

Ben Griffiths, Portfolio Manager at Eley Griffiths Group, says he expects the recent outperformance of the Small Ords over the ASX100 to continue. Speaking at the Livewire Live investor forum Griffiths told investors that the quality of companies that currently make up the small cap index is as good as... Show More

In this session from Livewire Live we delve into the strategies of three active managers to understand how they generate market beating returns. Topics discussed include the starting point for selecting stocks, how to generate new investment ideas and knowing when to sell in winning and losing positions. Matthew Kidman... Show More

Which technology trends will affect investors in the years ahead or are they already upon us? In Panel 4 from the recent Livewire Live investor forum three experts in disruption and technology discuss the trends that they believe are real and how they are impacting Australian listed and unlisted companies.... Show More

Crispin Murray, Head of Equities at BT Investment Management, says stock and sector volatility will increase due to low growth and a range of disruptive forces. “In every sector and every industry there is unprecedented amount of change that is occurring… Historically when you picked a sector it was because... Show More