With the end of the year in sight, it’s time to check in again on how the Livewire readers’ 2016 stock picks are tracking. The biggest observation is the pullback in the YTD mean performance across the sample, from 18.3% (Oct 19th) to 8.7% (Dec 5th). Only 35% of stocks avoided a pullback over this interval, and the biggest falls were among the rate sensitive stocks. With cyclicals on the up, mining and mining services are at the top of the leaders' boards again, with South 32 still leading the large caps, and lithium producer Galaxy now leading the small caps. We will close the books at the end of December, and report the final tally in early January. Until then look out for the 2017 Outlook Series Q&A before Christmas to make your stock tip for next year. Click below to see our interim update on Livewire readers’ 5 leading large caps, 5 leading small caps, and the ten worst performers as well.