Marcus Padley

Great summary Shane - Thanks

Bernard Groenheide

Best not to panic and look at the bigger picture.


A reasoned and balanced commentary from one of this county's most able commentators. This article should be read by all politicians! Well done, and thanks Shane .

Carlos Cobelas

It's not less contagious than influenza. Data I have read says it's 2 to 4 times MORE contagious.

Geoffrey English

Best article I’ve read yet about covid 19 and it’s impact re economics and investment.

Charles McCann

Thanks for the advice.

Vince Lin

Comparing the Coronavirus to regular flu is just incorrect. Mainly because we don't have the vaccine/cure for it. Plus, with influenza, the same case can be made that there are many not sick to enough to seek medical advice and hence the fatality rate can be even lower than 0.1%.